Hedge Funds
Dynamic and flexible solutions -Quality managers, due diligence and portfolio management tailored to all types of investors worldwide.

Hedge Funds

For over 23 years, we have developed comprehensive multi-manager hedge fund programs. We focus on identifying skilled managers with repeatable processes to steward our client capital. Our portfolio allocation process identifies unique opportunities with attractive risk-adjusted returns that help meet client goals.

Hedge Fund Team

Our diverse backgrounds and experience leads to better decision making.
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Programs / Solutions

50 South Capital has developed a number of investment solutions to assist investors with their goals of incorporating hedge funds into their asset allocation. We work very closely with investors in finding the right solution for their portfolio, and develop programs utilizing a variety of approaches. Please contact Julie Canna to learn more.

Strategic Advantage

We believe we have an edge in the marketplace due to our team-focused culture, nimbleness and relationship with Northern Trust.
  • Identifying Talent Early: We often source fund managers early in their lifecycles, when we believe returns tend to be stronger, incentives are often better aligned with investors, and managers are more willing to provide transparency and insight into their portfolios to build long term relationships with investors.
  • Dynamic and Flexible Capital Allocation: We evaluate each hedge fund strategy in the context of our forward-looking view and seek to allocate capital to opportunities where we believe the potential returns exceed the risks being underwritten. Furthermore, we attempt to reduce our allocation to more challenged strategies where we feel the risks are not justified by the potential return.
  • Strong Risk Management and Oversight: A culture of risk management is found throughout our firm and embedded in our process. Our analytics examine risks across multiple dimensions – exposures, asset class, sector, geography, market sensitivities, stress testing and volatility. Integrated position level transparency from our hedge fund managers underpins the risk analytics engine used in managing portfolios.
  • Highly Collaborative Culture: We have assembled a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds to ensure dynamic discussions and different perspectives. An open and honest environment is the hallmark for the culture that we have fostered, and we believe this leads to better informed decision-making.
Everyone at 50 South Capital is held accountable to our investors, fund managers, and each other.