Value-Added Investors

We craft and nurture relationships with quality private equity firms, ensuring we can continue to offer attractive investment opportunities to our investors. These relationships are formed early in the lifecycle of our managers and are shaped with careful consideration for long-term alignment on culture, strategy and interpersonal relationships. Private equity managers often invite us to invest even when they are oversubscribed due to our hard work at supporting the relationship, our understanding of their business, our expertise and our affiliation with Northern Trust.

50 South Capital is able to harness the resources we have at our disposal as a result of being part of a global asset management firm with over $940 billion in assets. Examples of this include the following:

  • Working closely with Northern Trust’s Information Technology group, which spends over $700 million a year in technology, to identify trends, vet technology products and companies, and offer expertise and insights of our technology experts to many of the top venture capital fund managers and their portfolio companies;
  • Drawing on the industry expertise of Northern Trust’s industry-specific equity research analysts in order to inform our investment strategy, conduct diligence on fund managers and co-investment opportunities, and provide industry benchmarks and valuation metrics;
  • Utilizing the vast amounts of institutional knowledge and expertise focused on broader macro-economic trends and dynamics to form investment theses, and developing views on specific economies, countries, and opportunities that exist across the investment landscape;
  • Leveraging the broader Northern Trust network, its 85 offices in 19 states and 20 countries, and its extensive client base across the wealth management and institutional channels to assist fund managers in generating deal flow and meeting with business owners who may be considering a transaction.

Relationship Driven

We believe in the strength of relationship and collaboration. This means an unwavering dedication to world-class client service, and a long-term view of both our business and our relationships with investors and private equity firms.

Everyone at 50 South Capital is held accountable to our investors, fund managers, and each other.