Programs / Solutions

We have solutions to meet various investor needs, including multi-strategy and single strategy programs designed to address broad investment portfolio needs. With half of our business in customized solutions, we understand the importance of constructing flexible, tailored solutions built to meet specific objectives with the ability to adjust as needs alter over time. We maintain the consistency in execution to deliver a customized portfolio that is right for our investors. We believe engaging closely with our investors is a key component to a successful program, from developing investment objectives to implementation.

Relationship Timeline and Client Engagement

Our custom hedge fund programs allow the client to be engaged at any level of the fund construction and decision making process.

Client Engagement

Understand Client Program & Investment Objectives
Define Hedge Fund Portfolio Needs
Build Model Portfolio
Select Managers
Implementation and Structure
Ongoing Education and Reporting
The core principles of our parent company Northern Trust – service, expertise, and integrity – continue to guide us as we grow our business.