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Private Equity Team

Private Equity Team


Chris Bires, CFA

Director of Product Strategy & Investor Relations

Tyler Bullen


Kevin T. Butts

Vice President

Chip Davis

Senior Associate

Robert D. DiCarlo, CPA

Chief Administrative Officer

Bradley M. Dorchinecz


Steven P. Farmer

Chief Compliance Officer

Emily P. Fraser

Vice President

Adam R. Freda

Senior Vice President

James “Trey” R. Hart III

Senior Vice President

Stefanie Krasic

Product Strategy & Investor Relations

Kevin R. Kresnicka, CFA

Vice President

Nicholas W. Lawler

Vice President

Maria I. Maldonado

Senior Administrative Assistant

Mike Marderosian

Vice President

Christopher S. McCrory

Vice President

Robert P. Morgan

Managing Director

Patricia Nolan

Investor Relations

Bridget Schweihs


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Teamwork is essential to our group performing at a high level. No one individual is responsible for any of our accomplishments.