Distinguished Approach


Our research process is built around qualitative, quantitative and operational due diligence. Our qualitative assessment seeks to identify skilled managers with repeatable risk controls. The quantitative assessment uses independent evidence to support or refute our qualitative conclusion. Our operational assessment identifies an infrastructure designed to support the investment strategy and is in line with the long term objectives of the business. All three areas of our research process are tailored towards identifying skilled managers early in their lifecycle which we believe gives us an edge in manager selection.

Portfolio Management

Opportunities ebb and flow over time, which is why our portfolio allocations are highly dynamic and tailored to changing market dynamics. Consistent risk mitigation, moving into favorable environments and reducing more challenged strategies through our highly collaborative processes, help us meet our long-term goals.


Open and honest discussion is the hallmark of the culture that we have fostered at 50 South Capital. We have built a team of experienced individuals with different backgrounds and experiences to ensure that we have diverse opinions contributing to our decision making process. Allowing all members of the team to have a voice in the process leads to better decisions, and eliminates biases found in single decision maker models.

Hard work is an important part of our success - we pride ourselves on working extremely hard to win mandates, deals, and access to top funds.